On Art As Therapy


Self Portrait image
l 9” by  w 7” by  h 8”, mid smooth stone clay.

How do you feel, buddy?  Not so good, eh?
Hmmm…What’s up, doc?
Not funny, eh?
Hey, can you hear me? Are you listening?
Seems like you’re kinda out of it! What happened to you?
Don’t feel like talkin’ much, hmm?
What happened to your eye?  NBD?
Thirsty? What can I getcha? How about a nice cool one?

Reptilian Metaphor
  Reptilian ceramic image
3-piece, mid-smooth stone clay, approx. 17” in length

What the heck? Who are you?
You the one who’s got my buddy so upset?
Ya seem like some kinda slithering creature. Bipolar maybe?
Ya gotta be kidding?
Ya, I know, s---t happens.
Well, have a good day!
See ya ‘round!
Hope not.

The Once Upon a Time

Oil Painting image
Oil on canvas, approx. 18” x 24”

Bad hair day, eh? Ya…like I said, s---t happens.
Feathers ruffled? Somebody get to you?
Yeah, I know what cha mean. I do!
Well, maybe not every detail but so what?
You think you’re the only one who’s suffered?
Get real!
No way you can stick your head in the ground in these parts!
Step up to the plate.  Face up!
Think you’re not responsible for your own decisions?
Where’s your mind?
Take a look around! Decentre!!!

The Conjurer’s Revenge

Oil Painitng image
Oil on canvas, approx 18” x 24”

Ohhhhh! You look sneaky!!! Yes, you do.
What do you mean, what do I mean?
Bet you get away with a lot!
How do I know?  I’ve caught you out, too many times.
You forget things very selectively, you know.
Manipulation brings you a lot of satisfaction, doesn’t it?
No, I’m not the one who’s crazy, though you almost drove me there. Ha!

He paid, didn’t he? Yeah, you said it first: He paid, but you’re not happy yet.
For a few reasons, you’ve lost control of the final outcome, eh?
Didnt you see it coming?
For that not to happen, I’d have to be dead, and I’m not. Not yet.

                                         Three Sisters

                 HEREDITY                        ENVIRONMENT

Box elder aka Manitoba maple burl. Eccentric turning: 4 centres.  Burl separated into three natural sections. Steel rods attached. Jatoba (aka Brazillian cherry) vase turned and sprayed with Krylon paint. Base turned from pine board, black and metallic purple spray applied over removable plastic netting. 18" x 18" x 46"
Wood and Ceramic image    Wood and Ceramic image

The other sides of the coin … (2x3) +/- 4 (1x2) / (20/5) = ?

You do the math…but don’t forget wikileaks. There’s a lesson there.
I’m not ashamed. Would you like me to be?
Hopefully you don’t do what you know is wrong, or
do you think it’s quieter that way? It’s not.